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"To bring about increased safety of navigation in commercial shipping through better organization of data on ships and on shore, and better data exchange and communication between ships and the ship and shore." (source:wikipedia)


E-navigation, Smart Ships, Connected vessels and Internet of Things are the buzz words in shipping these days. We strongly believe that connectivity on ships can bring a world of benefits and efficiency to the day-to-day operation of ships. Shore2ship provides the solutions to translate these concepts into real world applications and realize the full potential of the connected ship.


Designed from the ground up with the user in mind, The Shore2ship ENC Service is best in class when it comes to ease of use and reliability. The Shore2ship ENC service is supported by an online graphical catalogue and dashboard.The ENCs delivered by Shore2ship meet SOLAS charts and carriage requirements when kept up to date and used on an ECDIS with suitable backup.


Our maritime internet-of-things platform. Using smart sensors, data gathering, data exchange and cloud technology, the Efficienship service brings new insights into fuel-efficiency, machinery performance, engine performance etc. Let the numbers do the talking, and start continuous improvement processes based on concrete data.

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ENC Services

Primar ENCs

Web Mapping

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Fuel monitoring services

Shore2ship Box

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Iridium Pilot

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GT Mail

Efficient mail solution


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